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Highly technological products

Founded in 1972, Fil Man Made Group began its' activity in Trieste, and purchased its' first production unit in Trevignano, in the province of Treviso, in 1973 . Later, in 1980, the Group built a new plant in San Giorgio di Nogaro, in the province of Udine, which was expanded both in 1984 and in 1997, reaching a total area of 12.500 sqm. In 1991 a new company named SUNFIL was established, with headquarters in Maniago, in the province of Pordenone, covering a production area of 45.000 sqm. In 1997 Fil Man Made Group bought the Turati company. Thanks to this acquisition they also acquired the technology, experience and human resources that today make them competitive all around the world in the production of technical yarns.In July of year 2000 the Group opened a new plant in Trieste, operating on 43.000 sqm with an automaed warehouse of 6.000 sqm.. The layout of the facilities and machinery employed created an absolutely innovative production unit, able to process the textile fibres of the future.Other investments took place with the opening of a production site in Portugal in 2002, then another production site in the area of Shanghai in the spring of 2006, and from 2008 an operation in Turkey is in place, always with the aim to remain close to the reference markets of the textile world.

Production and distribution


Production and distribution of highly technological products implies a lot of complexities for which FMM Group had to reasset it's productions flows and relevant control. In order to face this complexity in the management of the different applications, in 2002 Fil Man Made Group successfully provided itself with a highly modern application software system E R P. by SAP.

Technological production

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In the different application areas, we have four main sectors in which our sales are split.


Technical applications
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