Company mission

Highly technological products

Our approach towards service and customers

Anywhere in the world, high performance yarns represent the indispensable raw material for production of special fabrics, high performing both for clothing and for furnishing purposes, as well as for extremely sophisticated industrial applications, such as filtration and personal protection The Fil Man Made Group is one of the most innovative world leaders in this sector, because our competitive strength has been and increasingly is based on technical and research capabilities.


To be the best partner of the whole textile line. Our desire to compete with the best in the world in every field and skill connected to our business, with the aim of reaching and outdoing them, allows us to produce, sell and develop high quality products and services, required by customers from all over the world.

The customer

Our objective is to always satisfy each and every customer's expectations and to try to anticipate them, by establishing a long-lasting partnership, based on competence, reliability, fairness, reciprocal respect and loyalty.

The Fil Man Made Group Team

People who want to work together to develop and keep a positive job environment. People who work hard with dedication to carry out their aims and with the same dedication transfer and transmit to others the values they believe in, in order to consistently contribute to reach the company objectives. People who enjoy improvement. People who like other people's ideas, because they know that they can be valuable and better than their own.

Our management

People who represent the company values and encourage actions and creativity by giving the individual great freedom of action to reach specific objectives.
This will be achieved seeking for the best harmony between individual responsibility and team work, centrality of each person and decentralization of operational tasks.